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About Us

Why RMS?

By choosing RMS to handle the maintenance requirements of your commercial real estate, you are ensured Professional, Cost Effective Solutions. You have better things to do with your time than calling numerous contractors for nominal maintenance needs. Instead, call RMS, your single source for a variety of maintenance services. Aside from helping you achieve freedom from the hassles of maintenance, RMS will deliver the professional results you demand.

Ask RMS – Frequently Asked Questions

Why Power Wash My Building?

Purchasing a yearly cleaning contract will not only keep your property more attractive, but will also reduce the need for painting as often. Dirt, road grim and airborne objects will cause your surface to deteriorate. With RMS Power Washing Service, your overall maintenance cost will be reduced and your property will always possess the curb appeal that you want to reflect.

How are estimates prepared?

We begin by defining a scope of work with you. Generally, we are prepared to handle most of your maintenance requirements with our own “in-house” personnel. After establishing the scope of work we will provide pricing and a schedule in a timely manner. Our best effort will of course be made to accommodate your desired schedule. In the event we will need to sub out part of the scope of work we will advise you of that and address it within the pricing. Most subcontractors we utilize have established discounted pricing for us as they are part of our preferred and frequent vendor base. Aside from a quoted bid, we can also provide pricing on a “time and material basis.”

After gathering the information and researching any extraordinary conditions, we will contact you to discuss possible solutions and the associated pricing. Our goal is to deliver the most cost effective solutions within your desired schedule.

How do I know your people are qualified?

At RMS we hire the best-qualified people available in the market. They go through a variety of skill tests before we hire them. Our continuing education program rewards those team members who continue to improve their skill sets. We also follow all local licensing requirements as well as keeping abreast of the latest changes in materials and construction procedures.

What happens if I’m not satisfied?

Each project is managed under defined RMS quality controls. This assures that at the end of the day the project is done the way we described and you wanted it.

Call Us Today :  240.436.6416

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